Industrial Products

Fortiflex containers are molded from FDA sanctioned virgin High Density Polyethylene which provide superior packaging for a wide range of food and industrial products. They are available in various convenient sizes from 4 oz to 20 liters

Fortiflex industrial pails handle and store well. The strong bail makes them easily portable. Empty, without lids, some models nest easily to save space. Filled with lids on, they stack well. Lids are available with resealable pouring spouts, plain or with removable plug on selected models.

Injection molding offers uniform wall thickness for improved stacking strength. Containers and their watertight lids are available in standard with or colors upon request.

Add Fortiflex printing in up to six vibrant colors and you have a superior container with attractive sales appeal. Economical pricing make these pails one of the best values in heavy duty packaging.